Social Links Redefines the Entire Intelligence Cycle With the Launch of SL Crimewall – an OSINT Investigation Platform

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / November 22, 2023 / Social Links, a leading open-source intelligence (OSINT) software provider, introduces SL Crimewall, a cutting-edge OSINT investigation platform designed to simplify the entire intelligence cycle, from data extraction, through visualization and processing, to the final report.

SL Crimewall delivers the seamless integration of real-time data from over 500 open sources, including social media, messengers, blockchains, and the Dark Web. The intuitive interface is designed with a big emphasis on user-friendliness and collaboration, and enables users of all levels to streamline investigation workflows, and dramatically reduce routine work. Skilled professionals can use Script Builder to create custom scripts, while less experienced users can efficiently manage information with the ‘no-code script builder’ and built-in automation features. SL Crimewall was developed to make technology available for users of all levels, and facilitate industry democratization.

The upcoming case management feature will enable users to seamlessly collaborate on the same project boards, the monitoring feature allows analysts to effortlessly track subject developments, and generating project reports is a breeze. SL Crimewall offers advanced ML-driven tools for automating work-intensive tasks-analysts can process large text and image datasets using sentiment analysis and Named Entity Recognition (NER) features, among others.

SL Crimewall offers a smooth and flexible user experience, with data visualization features including Graph View for link analysis, the customizable Table View for data processing, and Map View displaying geotags, routes, and heatmaps. When cases are ready to be exported, just a few clicks are enough to create professional reports summarizing all key findings in a clear and simple format.

“SL Crimewall is an embodiment of our vast experience, as well as the love we have for OSINT and the art of data analysis. Understanding that open data and OSINT approaches are relevant for various specialists, not just data analysts, we paid special attention to the solution’s UX, making it accessible for a wide range of users,” said Andrew Kulikov, CEO of Social Links. “We believe that SL Crimewall not only represents a new stage in the company’s development, but also in the development of the industry at large, ushering in an era of democratization for both the data itself and the methods we use to analyze it. The mission of SL Crimewall is to make the value of data available to all who need it, regardless of their level, expertise, and knowledge.”

Earlier this year, Social Links earned the leader category in the first review of the OSINT industry from Frost & Sullivan-Frost Radar™: Open-Source Intelligence Solutions 2023.

About Social Links

Social Links is a leading open-source intelligence (OSINT) software provider. We assemble massive volumes of data from open sources, including social media, messengers, blockchains, and the Dark Web, to analyze and visualize a holistic picture for streamlining data-driven investigations. Social Links is a privately held American company with HQ in the US, offices in Miami and Amsterdam, and an R&D center in Riga.

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