SK Telecom seals $100 million AI alliance with Anthropic

SK Telecom Co., South Korea’s premier wireless service provider, announced a strategic $100 million investment in U.S.-based artificial intelligence (AI) powerhouse, Anthropic. This move underscores the telecom giant’s commitment to broaden its influence in the AI landscape. San Francisco’s Anthropic, renowned for its cutting-edge AI safety research and offerings like AI assistant Claude, was established in 2021 by esteemed former members of OpenAI, the minds behind ChatGPT. This collaboration aims to enhance both firms’ AI capabilities.

Central to their partnership will be a joint venture to craft a versatile large language model (LLM), capable of comprehending and generating content in multiple languages, spanning from Korean and English to German and Japanese. Anthropic’s co-founder and chief scientist, Jared Kaplan, will spearhead the new LLM project, emphasizing its global applicability. Yonhap reports that through this alliance, SK Telecom aspires to refine and expand its proprietary LLM model, ensuring it addresses consumers’ needs more proficiently.

This announcement follows SK Telecom’s recent pact with Deutsche Telekom, e& and Singtel, consolidating the global Telco AI Alliance. This consortium seeks to revolutionize the telecom sector with AI and unearth fresh business avenues driven by AI solutions. With Anthropic on board, SK Telecom anticipates an expedited advancement in their collective endeavors to establish a comprehensive Telco AI Platform.

Emphasizing the vision behind this partnership, SK Telecom’s CEO Ryu Young-sang stated, “Our ambition is to helm the creation of a robust AI ecosystem, pooling together the expertise of global telecommunication leaders, and harnessing SKT’s AI prowess tailored for the Korean market, complemented by Anthropic’s unmatched global AI capabilities.”