Jaipur’s premier fashion event leaves attendees disappointed

It’s not often you hear of an event where one of the main attractions is a disorganized mess, but that seems to be the special sauce over at the Jaipur Fashion Fiesta. Thinking of attending? Well, pack a lot of patience, because you’ll need it – and maybe even a hardhat.

Image used for illustrative purposes only – not of actual event which was a fiasco!

From the start, the event has boasted itself as a hub for creative minds, a place where innovative designers from Jaipur converge to showcase their talents. In theory, this would be a delightful proposition, but the reality? It’s more a slapdash debacle than a polished fashion event.

Be prepared for long lines where, if you’re lucky, you’ll only wait for 90 minutes. That’s right, you might think you’re in line for a thrilling roller-coaster or a hot new club, but no, it’s just the entrance to a supposedly prestigious event. I suppose the chaotic queuing is part of the “experience,” a prelude to the chaos inside.

Perhaps you’re thinking of making an important business connection? Don’t even think of stepping in without a business card. In this grand carnival of ineptitude, you’ll be turned away faster than a faux designer handbag.

And the elderly? They might as well save themselves the trouble. I doubt they’d be looking to test their patience and resilience at this age. And don’t get me started on the arrangements for people with special needs – because there aren’t any! The only ‘special’ thing here is how spectacularly unprepared the event is.

To think, this venue had been ten years in the making! One would imagine that a decade would be ample time to smooth out the rough edges, to elevate the event to world-class standards. But no, the Jaipur Fashion Fiesta proves to be as unprepared and shambolic as the venue itself. It’s like a theater troupe performing a play they just read yesterday.

The event touts its association with the Rajasthan Kapda Avam Saree Vyavsay Sangh and the Jaipur Saree & Suits Trade Organisation (JSSTO). Sure, they’ve been involved in garment trade since the ’80s, but it’s as if they threw all their organizational know-how out the window when planning this travesty.

They proudly speak of their previous successful event, but if it was anything like this, one has to wonder what their metric for success is. While it’s commendable that the Rajasthan Kapda Avam Saree Vyavsay Sangh formed to resolve industry issues back in 1987, one wonders why they can’t handle organizing an event in 2023.

To sum up, if you’re someone with a penchant for suffering and enjoy the bittersweet tang of disappointment, then the Jaipur Fashion Fiesta is the place for you. For the rest of us who value our time, sanity, and expectations, we might as well seek fashion enlightenment elsewhere.