India will have the largest green railway in the world by 2030

Indian Railways will become the world’s largest green railway network by 2030, which will contribute significantly to climate action. When Indian Railway reaches its goal of 100 percent electrification in seven years, it will become a “net-zero carbon emitter.”

India will have the largest green railway in the world by 2030The rail system in Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populous state, has just been electrified. As a result, Indian Railways has reached a major milestone. An announcement from the Indian Railway Ministry announced that Indian Railways had already completed electrification of Uttarakhand.

Train travel in Uttarakhand will be more comfortable for both international and domestic tourists following the electrification of the Northern and North Eastern Railway’s network. Rail networks in this state connect tourist destinations like Jim Corbett National Park, a famous tiger reserve, and Mussoorie, a hill station that attracts international visitors.

The train system in Uttarakhand has existed since 1884 and some of its trains have acquired legendary status among train enthusiasts worldwide. According to the announcement, the Northern and North Eastern Railway will electrify all new rail routes.