Bose sport open earbuds

Bose announced the new Bose Sport Open Earbuds – truly wireless sport earbuds that don’t go in your ears or cover them. Instead, they combine Bose OpenAudio™ technology with an exclusive design to keep you motivated with music, connected to calls, and aware of your surroundings.

Made specifically for workouts, the new Bose Sport Open Earbuds feature a contoured ear hook attached to an entirely new kind of enclosure that sits above – not over, not in, and not on – the ear canal to redefine personal listening. Packed with innovation, they let you listen to your world and your playlists during runs, rides, walks, and hikes without compromising privacy. Even at high volumes, you’ll hear your content and conversations – but others won’t. And even during tough training and weather conditions, they’ll stay precisely positioned while resisting sweat, heat, rain, and snow.

The Bose Sport Open Earbuds come in Triple Black, and will be sold for $199.95. Pre-orders started on January 5th online and BestBuy and product will be available beginning mid-January. Runners and cyclists have been seeking out headphones that let them stay focused on their performance without wires, neckbands, or having to pop out a bud to hear traffic, a training partner, nature, or anything else they don’t want to miss. These new Sport Open Earbuds solve all these problems  and they’re the only earbuds that do.

The new Bose Sport Open Earbuds measure 48 mm wide x 55 mm high and weigh a mere 14 grams per bud. With a simple twist, they gently grip the ear’s outer ridge to lock in place with no ear tip, virtually no skin contact, and without the squeezing and vibrations from bone conduction. Each enclosure uses a tiny dipole transducer placed and positioned for loud-and-clear personal audio that stays at the ear and “cancels” out everywhere else.

An advanced microphone system is also engineered for clarity when you’re talking with family, friends, and your VPA, isolating your voice by reducing the interference of wind and noise, and isolating their voice from being audible to others. For a rock-solid connection, the Bose Sport Open Earbuds integrate an etched antenna and Bluetooth 5.1. For ease-of-use, controls are super simple. One button on the left bud lets you access your phone’s native assistant, and one button on the right bud does virtually everything else with straight forward push combinations to power on and off; play, pause, and skip songs; or answer, decline, and end calls.

The Bose Sport Open Earbuds are built and tested to last with an IPX4 rating and 8 hours of battery life. They’re equally compatible with iOS and Android devices. And they come with a protective carrying case, charging base, and the Bose Music App to access additional features.

Bose Corporation was founded in 1964 by Dr. Amar G. Bose, then a professor of electrical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Today, the company is driven by its founding principles, investing in long-term research to develop new technologies with real customer benefits. Bose innovations have spanned decades and industries, creating and transforming categories in audio and beyond. 

Bose products for the home, in the car, on the go and in public spaces have become iconic, changing the way people listen to music. Bose Corporation is privately held. The company’s spirit of invention, passion for excellence, and commitment to extraordinary experiences can be found around the world everywhere Bose does business.